A strive to become flawless and setting high benchmarks can be associated with perfectionism. I personally feel that perfectionism has bright and dark side too! It can be rewarding at times but can silently paralyze you! To be very honest I have tried to analyse perfectionism to its core so that I am able to present a better picture for you.
There is no doubt that it can serve as a healthy motivation for reaching ambitious goals and creating exceptional work. You are the best judge of your perfectionism and it is often believed that people who chase perfectionism do so because of the safety it provides! You can say that it is easy to hide your flaws in the veil of perfectionism or tweak it in a manner that they present a perfect picture to the onlookers. But it sabotages your personality gradually as it kills your creativity, effectiveness and efficiency! Your work and actions start getting judged on the scale of perfectionism and bar of that scale of expectations is not something which you set!

So how should you proceed in life? What should be the approach when it comes to your work, career or job? Let me give you a short example of my life. Since my childhood, I have always set a high benchmark for myself! Self-imposed pressure to amount to something and achieve and overachieve in every diverse extracurricular field, becoming all-rounder and reinforcing these patterns continuously in every arena to be just the best! So I admit that I reached a stage where I was getting nauseating bouts of ‘never enough’ and that hunger to do more and do better eventually spun me down! There was a very important deliverable which I was ‘immature’ to take but I took it thinking that I will nail it. I poured my heart and all my free time into it but what I got in return was nothing less than a hammer blow!
That was the day when I realised that embracing perfectionism to an extent that it seizes your dreams and conquer themes of your life, makes self-doubt a deeply engrained behaviour and cripple me with intense worry and avalanche of introspection is not something which I want to be! So it becomes really important to stride yourself away from perfectionism so that self-doubt should not start to bubble over real situations. Depression and anxiety are believed to go hand-in-hand with perfectionism. If you want to unlock exponential growth then the key to the same is to overcome perfectionism! You have to learn from your mistakes and that you will do only when you commit those mistakes.

Broadening your horizon of skills and generating value for others never happen overnight! Benchmarks and standards should not paralyze you! Ambitious, bright and hard-working people should not run after perfectionism because their work speaks for itself! Rather perfectionism chases those people as you then have a tendency to surprise yourself and be successful in those ventures that you had never imagined. So step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. It is not possible and realistic to get all the things right at all the time! Redefine imperfections to create a better connect with your audience! c,





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