Limited beliefs that may keep pulling you down on your journey to success

The journey of life demands dedication and true spirit but I feel most of us stay more focused towards misconceptions. The limited beliefs of our life never let us live our dreams; they prevent us from living a great life.

The sky is not the limit! You are!

I was facing the same trouble a few years ago; being centered around my emotions, relationships and a fear of getting hurt I lost several big opportunities in my life. Later, I realized that I have lost half of my life due to some stupid, silly thoughts that actually do not have any control over my life. Finally, I decided to rise beyond all those boundaries, breaking the barriers of anxiety, fear, hopelessness and mental pressure. Today I can feel the real beauty of life.
After experiencing this amazing change in my lifestyle, I am here curiously sharing my thoughts with you with a hope that it will also bring a change in your life. It will help you to drag all those limited beliefs out of your life and you will soon get tuned to a beautiful journey

1. Deal with the lost motivation

I believe that a person cannot rise without true motivation. You need to find out that motivation for yourself. If you live in an environment that makes you feel unsupported, drained and lazy, you need to switch immediately. Get surrounded by the people who have a positive mindset towards life. I found that motivation from my mentor and my guide during my college days. They helped me to look at brighter side of me, their motivation nourished my abilities and they made me feel full of energy all the time. So, when you have a thought that “I lack Motivation”; talk to some motivating personalities around you; watch some inspiring videos online or read some motivational books.

2. Fear of failure

I know how it feels! Those scary thoughts in mind, headache, stomachache, something like fever and the feeling of fatigue; I have experienced all this like you all. But today I know that it is just a circle of thoughts that derived fear of failure; once you are able to get rid of it, you will feel free to step ahead with more confidence. The fact is that how can you say that I will fail when you have not even tried it. Just believe in yourself and give it a try. It is always good to take risks in life and once you start living with this mindset you will actually enjoy challenges in life. Leave those symptoms of procrastination; through away that fear and take a decision to live your life to the fullest.

3. Lack of resources

Now your lazy mind is trying the third excuse to break you down. Hey! Don’t listen to it. I know if you will look forward towards your dreams with determination, you will definitely find the resources. For a while, just do not focus on external resources like skills, credentials, money etc. look inside, the real resources are within you, it’s your willpower, passion, energy, and clarity. Once you hold the inner resources with confidence, soon you will be able to access the externals as well.
It is all about believing yourself! Once you get rid of limited beliefs, life will open new doors for you.

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