Finding Your Purpose: Life Hacks

The greatest day of life is when you find the purpose of being on this earth. But the sad truth is that most of us are just wondering here and there without any focus on life.
I have suffered from immense turmoil within when my life asked this question from me “Why are you here?” I was not happy with my job, my relationship was not working fine and everything else around seemed like a big torture. All these situations of my life forced me to think hard what I am doing on this planet and what I am actually supposed to do.

I feel that mission of life is not just to complete education, find a job or get married; the main goal is happiness. But if you don’t know what makes you happy in actual, how can you make a move to achieve it.
Once you find the purpose of your life, you will get an idea of where your real happiness is hidden. And the best idea is to find it as soon as possible otherwise you will waste a beautiful phase of your life. You know how it feels to live your passion? Let me tell you! It brings a sense of satisfaction and happiness inside. You never feel tired of your work and your mind stays full of hopes and positivity.
Now you have to explore your purpose in life that can drive you to that feeling of satisfaction. Once you find it, life will become more joyful.
Here I am disclosing few tips that I have tried to find the purpose in my life:

Get into Action

Let me make it clear, over thinking is not going to work. I have already tried this but it resulted in nothing except lots of frustration. You have to start by taking actions as only actions can pay in this journey. Explore various things in life and look what brings the real happiness in your heart. I studied engineering, worked in a company for few years but I never realized happiness in my life. Then I started writing and it made me smile every day. So I found my passion for writing; yours can be different; but all that you need to do is, explore it. Take actions to your life and grab experiences, soon you will have clarity of ideas and your life will find an actual track to move on.

It is not derived from brain, but from heart

Brain will guide you to big things in life but when it is time to explore your passion, you have to start from your heart. Ask yourself what makes you happy, and inspired. Judge your life and look what connects you with your soul. Do what your heart loves the most, it will bring joy to your life. Some people are not satisfied with one thing in life, and even there is nothing wrong to have multiple titles. I love writing and I love to motivate others too. So I became an author and a mentor as well. My passion made me love everything that I have in life.





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